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A chance to paint and collaborate with a professional artist!

Your participation makes Interactive Art an exciting and dynamic experience, shared with others that have made their own distinct creative mark.

Each event results in all guests creating a large painting together, under the expert guidance of a professional artist.

These paintings become one of a kind, collectible works of art. And you own it!

The concept is based on the fact that all of us have creative talents that we seek to connect and express in a myriad of forms. When our energy is harnessed in order to paint an original piece of art, the results of such collective creativity are nothing less than mesmerizing and special - every - single - time!

• Give people something new to do and talk about.

• Form a unique and fun memory of your event with interactive entertainment.

• Improve group dynamics, movement and energy.

• Create a “Yes, I can do it” attitude.

• See the result and accomplishment of a collective effort.

• Enhance self-awareness and the courage to explore new possibilities.

• Encourage leadership, cooperation, confidence, creativity, imagination, self-expression, communication, ingenuity - the list goes on!

• Experience the joy of undiscovered or under-estimated creativity.

• Promote appreciation for the value of Art & Culture.

• Team building that offers a valuable final product to collect, gift or auction.

From concept to the final collaborative!

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It is truly magical and unforgettable when everyone paints together!

Success is in the planning, and Sharlena works with your Event Planner on every detail! Before the event, a design is customized to complement the theme and the canvas is prepared for the event, which is when the canvas becomes interactive. Sharlena then invites your guests to help her paint. Everyone is encouraged to participate in finishing the work of art and bringing it to life. ~ You’re part of the whole creative process - from concept to the finished work of art!

Corporate Events

Team Building

Staff Appreciations Outdoor/Seasonal Parties Fundraising Galas

Bat/Bar Mitzvahs

Networking Socials

the possibilities are endless!

Contact Sharlena Wood today to discuss how visual art can help transform your next event into a memorable one!