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Charcoal Trees Series • Early Tuesday afternoon July 4, 2006 the fire had grown to 11,000 hectares and had raced to about five kilometres north of the mining town of Tumbler Ridge, BC....

The beauty of trees have always been a beloved fascination for me. I am so drawn to them, trees will no doubt be a recurring theme throughout my life. This particular series started with an event that happened on July 4, 2006. My grandparents had been evacuated as a forest fire had grown to 11,000 hectares and raced to about five kilometres north of where they live in the town of Tumbler Ridge, BC. Years later when I visited them again, there were still acres and acres of burnt trees. Standing in the midst of these burnt forests had a symbolic, emotional impact on me. As a self­taught artist, I know what it feels like to truly carve one’s own path, like fire through a forest. I was moved by an unspoken beauty found in this somber devastation, that the trees seemed to be holding their ground after the fire passed, emanating strength and hope of renewal.

For those who use music/art as a door to their soul, to heal, to realize that in the morning’s not the way you feel like you did the night you cried. Never let anyone or anything dim your light: "I survived the forest fire. Cindered and brittle, the slightest touch may break the shell ­­ but my roots are stronger than you. I know the time will come when I am drenched again, new to the world. When you see the Velveteen and nothing more, it's a Beautiful Strange World when you see it like a Distant Star." ~ KidneyTheives Dedication